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Because we want ...

Our idea is to create a Society of clients who want consistency, flexibility and transparency in finances. To jointly create and select successful business models for start-ups, entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, business owners, managers Regionally recognized house as the bearer of the concept of "open innovation" which refers to the use of internal (your) and external (our) knowledge for business success and positive business results

Because we can ...

In answering how to solve business challenges faster, easier and with more certainty can greatly help you - an alternative instrument of payment and billing and financing. Our role is to provide, in addition to consulting, a financial service that helps the company grow and that there are no restrictions in financing business plans, and that the business grows without restrictions. Our mission and obligation is to inform and refer economic entities to financing that is not bank-centric and that can provide them with an alternative to financing.

Because we know ...

Every person, whose task is the smooth functioning of a company, of course, with the expected growth and development of business, daily faces the question of how to achieve financial balance, what is the liquidity plan, what is the amount of due liabilities, what are stocks, then how much are receivables from customers, what are the liquidity reserves, whether to invest in fixed assets, how to finance the investment ... The answers to these questions should be given quickly, each of them is binding and continues to trace the path of business. With our team of experts, you come to such answers safely, analytically and quickly.

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Milan Stafanović

Founder and CEO

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